• A Global Crowd Funding Platform exclusively for Sport established in the UK
  • An Innocent Colours initiative, a UK registered Charity.
  • Scholarship awards and grants from € 200 upwards
  • Contributions from as little as € 10. Every little amount helps fund the AVATAR.
  • Funding includes:- schooling, training , equipment, travel and tournament participation.

Sportstar Funder™

A crowd funding platform with a ‘scholarship’ model to support aspiring sports enthusiasts and aspiring professionals worldwide. 

It is an exciting and unique initiative of Innocent Colours a UK charity designed to provide a support structure for young gifted athletes to seek funding directly from benevolent individuals, charities and institutions through a peer to peer platform. 

Crowdfunding is a growing ‘fund raising’ phenomenon that has gripped the world in the last 18 months allowing people to raise much needed funds through direct contact with individuals and institutions. This new frontier in funding has raised billions for various causes from Arts to Zebra Racing!

Sports scholarships open to:
  • 5 to 21 years olds
  • Disabled and special needs upto 25 yrs
  • Covers all types of sports
  • Young males and females
  • Anywhere in the world
  • Multiple applicants from same family permitted subject to meeting eligibility criteria
  • Supported by benevolent sports patrons and sponsors


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Peer to peer Sponsorship programmes open to :
  • Individuals - UK tax payers can avail tax deductions through Gift Aid.
  • Corporations
  • Charirites
  • Foundations
  • Non profit organisations  
Make a difference to sports enthusiasts.
Make their dreams come true.
Empower the next generation sport star.
Telephone - 02087499955

SportStar Funder
Email : info@sportstarfunder.com
Website: www.sportstarfunder.com
Telephone : +(0)44 203 478 1561

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An Innocent Colours Initiative - UK registered Charity (reg no. 11322282)